Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New English File Intermediate-Listening 1A: present simple

01 1A.mp3


  • Listen to a man talking about whether young people eat more or less healthily than ten years ago. What does the man say?
  1. Young people today eat healthier food than they did ten years ago.

  2. Young people today eat less healthy food than they did ten years ago.

  3. Young people today eat the same food that they did ten years ago.

  • Listen again and see if these sentences are true or false.
  1. Young people know more about food now.

  2. People were more worried about their appearance ten years ago.

  3. Young people try not to eat too much fat or too many carbohydrates now.

  4. Young people eat more fruit and vegetables now.

  5. Young people always eat junk food when they go out.

  • Transcript :

I don't agree with that. I mean, compared with ten years ago, there's a lot more information available about the food we eat, on TV and in the papers, and I think that nowadays young people know what's healthy and what isn't, much more than they did before. And I think young people are more concerned about their appearance than they were ten years ago. They want to be fit and to look good. This means that they're usually careful not to eat too much fatty food or too many carbohydrates. And they know that eating fruit and vegetables is good for you and they try to do that. OK, so perhaps they still sometimes eat junk food, burgers, and chips and things, when they go out, but I think in general they eat more healthily than say ten years ago.